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Many of us haven't really thought about the cells that make up our bodies since high school, or college, science class. Yet these cells of our body are the basis of our health!
Enjoy your brief journey into this world of cellular health - hear how ASEA significantly increases the efficiency of communication signals between cells, those involved in cell damage detection, cell repair, and cell replacement.

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The presenters are Independent ASEA Distributors.

Dr WardRob Ward, MD- Board Certified Family Physician for 30 years (20 min.)
*CD version available with testimonies added, see below.

Dr Smith PresentsKarl Smith, D.C.-      21 years Chiropractic, runs University Chiropractic with a mission to help people take charge of their health. (13 min.)

Dr Malmed PresentsFoster Malmed, D.C.-  27 years Chiropractic, Certified Applied Kinesiologist, Orthotic specialist, practices out of NY hospital. (12 min.)

Dr McBride PresentsRichard McBride, D.C.-  Chiropractic, Internal Health & Digestive Health Specialist; he specializes in difficult cases (15 min.)

Alan Noble presents Amazing Molecules for Athletes with Alan Noble (14 min.)

Alan Noble presentsAmazing Molecules- The Story of ASEA w/Alan Noble (34min. 2012 version)


* No CD's available at this time so listen online here.